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What is MyQSafe?

MyQSafe is a one of a kind virtual queuing system designed for any business that currently operates a walk in and wait service. It allows business to replace traditional queues with virtual ones using MyQSafes innovative iOS & Android application.

How does MyQSafe work?

The beauty really is in its simplicity...

Step 1 - The business registers for a monthly MyQSafe subscription

Step 2 – Simply display your location specific QR Code on premises

Step 3 – Customers visit the location and scan the QR Code using the MyQSafe application to enter the queue before heading off.

Step 4 – You manage your virtual queue triggering the customer to return just before you need them.

What are the main benefits?

Social Distancing – In the current pandemic, removing close proximity queuing systems will enable businesses to reopen whilst managing and mitigating risks for employees and the general public

Gone Forever – Sometimes a catalyst is required to drive a change. We see a world changed forever where the wasted retail or revenue generating space is no longer needed for people to physically wait.

Free Your Customers – removing the need for customers to wait enables them to continue to shop either on your premises or in the local area.

How much does my virtual queue cost?

MyQSafe operates on a rolling monthly contract with no fixed term. So you can cancel without any notice at all.

The cost for each business location is just £25.00 a month, no matter the number of staff at that location and without any hidden or additional costs. Its Simple.

Plus, be one of the first 1,000 businesses to sign up and receive a free 30 days trial. But be quick, when they're gone, they're gone.

We’re in... how do I get involved?

Follow our super quick 4 step process, register your business, add your team members, print your QR code.

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Not a business? Do you want to join a virtual queue?

MyQSafe is super simple and it's easy to get started. Simply download the MyQSafe Mobile App from Google Play or Apple App Store and create an account.

Checkout our reviews from the app store.

"Easy to use and handy, able to keep my space in the queue while doing other errands. Game changer" - BLT_95

"WHAT AN APP!! Takes all the difficulties out of queuing. So simple and so easily adaptable for any walk in business." - bertiedavis

"I have been using this in my shop, the customers LOVE IT!" - CT119986

"Excellent idea, brilliantly executed. The future of queuing, Thank you!" - mellowshrew

"MyQsafe is so so simple & effective. It’s definitely changed the game for us." - _owen_111

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